What Makes Mischa Special

Ashley Jusick

There are a lot of boutiques out there, and you will see some of the same things over and over again (because they are in style). But there are several specific things that set Mischa apart. 

Careful Selection: We sell some of the same brands that you will find at Nordstrom or in your Stitch Fix box. The difference is that we don't carry as much inventory and as many options as the big box stores, so I am selective in what I choose. This allows us to help you build a capsule wardrobe, by having high quality basics and a mix of trendy seasonal pieces. 

I choose things that I would want to wear. I choose things that people I know would want to wear. I choose things that are comfortable and practical. I choose things of a certain quality standard. I will even lose money to send things back when they are not what I expected or what I would wear myself. I will not subject my customers to anything that I wouldn't feel comfortable and confident wearing. 

Quick Service: I always package orders the same day I receive them, usually immediately. If the mail hasn't run for that day, it goes straight into the box. If it's an evening order, it goes into the mailbox bright and early the very next morning. I know how important it is to get things ASAP and it's always a pleasant surprise to receive it earlier than you expected or in time for the weekend. 

Customer Communication: Customers and followers are free to reach out to me via Instagram, Facebook, or email at any time. I am happy to give my input on size selection and fit, or to explain what a color or fabric looks like in person. I also love running Instagram polls on possible new pieces to see what my customer base likes and dislikes. 

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